Tutorial: How to Solar Power Your Home / House #4 – Off Grid setup, PWM vs MPPT

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In this tutorial we take a look at off grid solar power setup, pulse width modulated vs maximum power point tracking charge controllers (Steca PR1010, Morningstar Sunsaver TrackStar MPPT, Outback FlexMax 60)
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Outback FLEXmax 60 Specifications / FLEXmax 80 Specifications:

Steca PR specifications:

Morningstar Sunsaver TrackStar MPPT:

MPPT vs PWM Solar charger performance – Part 1 HD:

MPPT vs PWM Solar Charger – Part 2 Follow-up HD:

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24 Responses

  1. Mark II says:

    Never fails. Another awesome video. I think I actually understand now how
    to go off the grid thanks to your video(s). Thanks so much for uploading
    all these videos, very much appreciated. (+1 : 1,612)

  2. Christopher Banacka says:

    So on the image at 22:50
    How would the battery get used? When the solar production is off?
    Does the Solar Controller see there is no solar power, and will pull from
    battery and send it to the load?

  3. Joseph Cooper says:

    He’s very good at solar charger knowledge of my new tinyhouse

  4. George Cothran says:

    I have been studying solar for almost 3 years now, and this was one of the
    better videos out there! (IMO)

  5. Brian Jones says:

    Thanks for the great video. Great info for these times.

  6. Mike Stone says:

    I started watching your videos this morning and I just looked up at the
    clock and it is now 13 hours later! I need to get a life. LOL, thank you
    for your videos it has been the best made videos on this subject that I
    have found on youtube in 5 years. I subscribed to your forum and also your
    channel here. I have a question though, I cannot find the morningstar
    sunsaver 30A MPPT Solar Charge Controller on Amazon, what do you think of
    RENOGY MPPT solar products? Thank you in advance. Just in case you need to
    know more to get an idea, I will be using this system for a 400watt solar
    array with approx.400ah batteries, it will be in my class b r.v and I don’t
    know if it makes much difference but Renogy on the specs. say something
    about an altitude limitation, I live in the mountainous area of the N.W
    Sierra Mountains and that is about 3500 feet.

  7. Ben Parmer says:

    Excellent video.
    Very informative. Thanks for taking the time to make it.

  8. Sparkymax L says:

    I have 4 x100 watt solar panels in parallel ,
    and at the moment with a PWM charge controller.
    Not sure what the Amps is.
    I am running a 12 volt system with 2 x 6 volt batteries with the possible
    upgrade of 2 more 6 volt Batteries for a total of
    4×6 volt batteries.
    I am interested in purchasing an MPPT charge controller,
    but I don’t know if I should get a 10 amp a 20 amp or a 30 amp MPPT charge
    Can tell me which one would be best suited to my system?

  9. PETER DELGADO says:

    Great Vid! Great Input! Thanks! PeterD!

  10. Soldier53flyer says:

    Great video, I got a lot out of it.

  11. Gordon T says:

    Why is it you all want to sell something? I have a question I have posted
    all over the board. During the night time hours – at night – no solar –
    what prevents the controller (which needs power) from draining my battery
    bank? I know this is not a difficult question and I bet I do not get a
    serious response – probably because I have not subscribed or purchased from
    your store.

  12. josh wiltonregan says:

    great work

  13. Medmann48 says:

    That’s is quite a collection of Multimeters!!

  14. barryl L says:

    what a totally useless video, just get to the meat and potatoes

  15. SHTFPrepper 2015 says:

    Thank you, very kind of you. I didn’t realized that kind of diff of the
    charger controller until I watched this video.

  16. Manolis Gregoriou says:

    HI and thanks for the vid. . if you find some time to answer i would like
    to hear your opinion on what type of mppt charger i should purchase. I have
    12 solar panels but they are three different types ”conergy C175M –
    IBC120S – IBC75M” What type of charge controller should i use to have
    optimal charging for my 12 batteries of 6v volts connected in 24v series..
    would i need 3 different ones? what type of mppt would be most effective?
    and not cost to much . thank you

  17. Chelsea Sunga says:

    Is it possible to have an off grid solar power system that can be able to
    shift into traditional power source for a mobile station/ mobile home?

  18. Krzysztof Cygan says:

    How would MPPT+Solar Panel compare to PWM + Solar Panel + DC Solar

  19. Patrick Colwell says:

    Very well-done video – thanks! This helped me understand PWM and MPPT much
    better than I had previously.

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