DIY Solar Panel System: I’ve Gone 100% Solar Power

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You don't need a DIY solar panel system kit to go 100% solar power. After two years of work today I threw the switch and went 100% off grid with solar power. It really works! What is surprising is it cost less and was easier to do than expected. That being said I had a lot of help from Al . I will break down all the components the reason behind why I bought these items, the cost, wiring and how I installed the system. As of right now, if the power goes off today, we'll have lights tonight.

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33 Responses

  1. Bruce Tolman says:

    I am new to this forum, is LDS prepper available to answer detailed
    questions about his solar installation or open to showing individuals his
    solar setup?

  2. Stacy Cates says:

    Why are the solar panels in he shade?@#!

  3. TheMwnciboo says:

    Gets solar panels…..Puts them in the shade…Pays for them….doesn’t use
    them unless an emergency…Seriously is logic not your thing.

  4. Paul Gillett says:

    Wouldn’t an EMP ruin the electronics in the panels?

    • LDSPrepper says:

      +Paul Gillett Good question. There are no electronics in the panels. There
      is a diode. If you want to get some extras just go to Radio Shack.

  5. fuzonacid says:

    If there is a Nuclear Holocaust etc. I’m heading straight for your house

    • andy Russell says:

      dont forget to jump in the faraday cage and bring your mobile phone, tablet
      laptop dvd tv and all the other things that wont work should such a
      catastrophic incedent happen

    • Bill Pack says:

      +Cami Sardinha

      A level 1 cleric can turn a few HD of zombies with a Bible.

    • Cami Sardinha says:

      +overwatch300 counteraggression A Bible is not going to stop zombies!

    • LDSPrepper says:

      +fuzonacid You are welcome. Just remember the price of admission is that
      you bring your own food, water, clothing, fire arms, ammo, sanitation
      supplies and that you understand you are a guest in my house and you do as
      directed. The more prepared, like minded people that come together the

  6. jaydog muffin says:

    emp lol it be more like a nuke ud see before a emp

  7. Joe Tittiger says:

    LDS that looks like about a 1 KW array. Way too small to run what you said
    you were running and to keep the batteries up every day. I just don’t want
    people to be misled…. if you are running all that stuff you pulled some
    tricks like buying $2,000 Sunfrost fridges.

  8. Niko grossenbacher says:

    I now have 15 solar panels on my roof with 12 golf cart batteries at 6
    volts each, and have a 12 volt battery bank. My panels still have not fully
    charged my battery bank, SO I purchased a morning star t-60 charge
    controller running with my cheap 30 amp charge controller which really can
    not do much for my batteries, so I am going to order another Morning Star
    charge controller, then that should take care of my problem because half
    the power I am and was loosing at my charge controller. How could a small 4
    inch box charge up 12 big golf cart batteries?? So yesturday my morning
    star charge controller came in, and I installed it, and today being cloudy,
    I was impressed with the performance of the new charge controller…
    Batteries are now at 3/4 charge, Its supposed to rain the next few days, So
    not until the sun comes out, battery bank fully charges will I hook
    anything up yet until the sun comes back out… I have a feeling that I
    will need more panels for my battery bank… So I am looking at going up to
    20 panels, even up to 24, and eventually up to 30 by summer, and I plan to
    disconnect from the power company 100% by spring time…..

  9. Anders Jener says:

    I used inplix instructions to make it by myself. You can try it to , jsut
    google for it

    • Cynthia Coleman says:

      The Solar Dish Stirling Plant is based on a very simple yet efficient
      system. It has a parabolic dish of mirrors or reflectors which help
      concentrate the sunrays at its focal point. At this focal point, a stirling
      engine is placed. This heat engine helps in the conversion of the suns
      energy to electricity, with help of a generator. It generates over 12x the
      power of regular solar panels in less space and for less money!

  10. john cramer says:

    i don’t think anyone thinks solar power is noisy dude.

  11. Ottb says:

    My concern is how do you prevent theft of solar panels? 

    • Ruby Moorman says:

      Now this makes sense, ;), but to have them locked down some how, as well as
      neighborhood watch, where everyone protects all, cuz doesn’t this also help
      others that live around the Solar systems? This also makes me curious & I
      am not jumping into something 1/2 as-ed, sort to speak… Just saying…
      Take care & thank you for knocking some sense in my cOnFuSiNg world,

    • Bing Bang says:

      +Ottb put em on the roof.

    • Shade Draws says:

      +Ottb Solar-powered security robots.

    • omg hey there says:

      +Ottb guard dogs

    • Ruby Moorman says:

      +Ottb You have a good point for many people & something to check out 1st,
      for sure. Sorry I am retired & you have a good point & is way to expensive
      to lose them in any way shape or form!!! I wish you/everyone the best all

  12. ronald martel says:

    as what i see is near the house which there is shade,your probably running
    your panel not at max….

  13. Ken B says:

    can you post a video of your equipment installation?

  14. Маша Арсентьева says:

    It’s simple, Just go to INPLIX page – click the PIG and make it yourself.

  15. Übermensch says:

    why would you only use this for an off the grid situation? why not 24/7 and
    save money?

  16. Hugh Jo says:

    Very good video! I would check out SunPower technology just cover all the

  17. Woods Gal says:

    So looking forward to seeing additional videos!

  18. losttreasure hunt says:

    Interesting for sure

  19. Margert Reisenbeck says:

    I made it myself thanks to INPLIX website

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