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  1. sonny Dagoy says:

    You used long wire loops in the terminal block. Can I use about 1 1/2 inch
    in them? Would it matter with regards to safety and/or power losses?

  2. Andreea Giurgea says:

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  3. gps tests says:

    Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter 500W / 1200W DC 12V AC

  4. SpockMcoy Issmart says:

    If you live near an electrical supply house, inquire if they sell
    batteries. One near me sells all kinds, sizes; cheaper than most places.
    Plus, if you live near them, you don’t have to pay for shipping if you pick
    them up yourself.

  5. Kevin Pino says:

    Your system should be grounded or you are going to blow your inverter and
    controller. If lightning should strike your panels and they are not
    grounded everyone in that has is in danger. you really should not run the
    load to the inverter, power to the inverter is to come directly from the
    batteries. Load from the controller should be powering DC appliances
    hopefully threw a DC breaker box. Do yourself a favor and ground your
    panels, and inverter, minimum.

  6. LoudandDave says:

    How do you plumb the power back into your house? I know I could use
    batteries and an inverter to power something individually, but I would like
    to use it to just contribute to the overall power demands of the house.

  7. Harold Ordona says:

    how much it will cost to install these system to my house? exactly the same
    from these video. pls advise thanks

  8. Ken B says:

    Nice setup. May want to add some fuses.

  9. Classie Scheidemantle says:

    I bought excellent handbook from Inplix website. Just google inplix and
    start your journey to better life


    Not a fuse on the whole thing. On my system every red wire in or out has a
    fuse. Very cheap to do.
    You can buy10 blade fuse blocks on amaz for 2.50. They have saved my house
    from burning. At least a switch disconnect for the hot battery side. You do
    have an awesome setup.
    You can also do a check on your output wires with a digital lazer
    Looks like you have put hours of work into it.

    Cheers mate

  11. robert berlin says:

    the focus on cam is bad…

  12. Peg Dimarco says:

    Nice movie. However you can make it yourself. Just google inplix and learn
    how to do it easily.

  13. Azucena Navarrete says:

    If you want to make it too just use InpliX handbooks.

  14. Keli Hornberger says:

    It’s simple, Just go to INPLIX page – click the PIG and make it yourself.

  15. Moe K says:

    Are you sure it’s ok to connect the “load” of your charge controller to the
    inverter? because in the electric world that’s called overloading your
    charge controller. I’d connect a lamp or a DC water heater.

  16. Tom Ziesmer says:

    pretty cool check out my solar pnel setup thanks

  17. hafizhss says:

    Morning sir.
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  18. Horst Haber says:

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  19. intercepted sparow says:

    the pwm charge controller, as a 12v/24v type ,
    can accept 24v solar panel??? thank you 

  20. trebor smith (trebor0077) says:

    Hi is it possible to connect your inverter direct to batteries and not to
    charge controller? Im just curious pls explain. Tnx

    • Bonnie Flory says:

      +trebor smith (trebor0077)
      Normally you would hook up the invereter directly to the battery.
      It is not good to hook the inverter to the charge controller since it can
      have a surge when starting a equipment and it could destroy your controller
      or the controller could shut down because of overload and will repeat it it
      over and over again until the load is removed.

    • Nicholas Smith says:

      Inverters usually draw power from batteries and not directly from solar
      panels. As long as they have the same operating voltage yes you can.

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