Solar Panel Systems for Beginners – Pt 1 How It Works & How To Set Up

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In this video, I will show you in layman's terms how a solar panel system works and how to set one up in 2 different types of systems. This video is intended for beginners so obviously there is a lot more involved than I am explaining but this covers the basics to get started.

I bought that 10 watt solar panel from Solar Blvd ( ). I got the charge controller cheap from Amazon (there are numerous brands and knock-offs). I also got the battery from Amazon ( ). Everything in that video could cost between $70 and $150 depending on the products you buy and how good they are. I prefer cheap stuff for experiments so if I damage them I am not going to be too upset.

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33 Responses

  1. Felix A. Vargas A. says:

    Hi friend, pls update the link of the solar panel, now there is no info.

  2. Mohsin Fareed says:

    Great man. An excellent and clear demonstration for understanding solar
    energy usage for beginners like me. Thanks very much hope more and more
    video as raised by FAQ.

  3. xaploq1 says:

    do you know how long it takes to charge that battery with that panel. just

  4. Peter Mark says:

    You can get some great wholesale solar panels at a discount on

  5. Sar Ragab says:

    Dear LDserliane, i have found videos & answer for my questions as i
    requested from you in another youtubes link-Videos,deeply thank.

  6. Chris says:

    Batteries in series: same current more voltage
    Batteries in parallel: more current same voltage
    See current and voltage divider theory

  7. samantha nicholson says:

    albuquerque the objects will be a small 240 watt blender, a small fan i
    hoped for a airconditioner but with space in truck very limited a small
    tv/vcr lg brand 19″. have i think the power tool is cordless. 20v. the pump
    is not bought ywt but i think im going to buy a battery operated sprayer,,,
    2.6 amp 120v the fridge 1.2amp

  8. Sar Ragab says:

    enough to give us one easy solar panel example 12 V connect cell +/-,
    materials, join with stabilizator DC or converter, lost,example you measure
    the cell before connecting? cause after you connect,some cell probable will
    damage from m manufacture?thank you.

  9. Asif Jee says:


  10. Crew Solar says:

    Solar Energy Yes

  11. LDSreliance says:

    You are welcome! Thanks for watching.

  12. Francisco Sanchez says:

    does anyone if i should go with high volt or high amps? i doing a project
    and i using 6 four volts and 50 milliamps cells. so should i increase the
    volt or amps which one is better?

  13. master hacker paras jain says:

    good please

  14. Robert Tomkinson says:

    +Ajem Namae: Even those cheap 10A controllers should handle a large 120W

  15. Raemee Facon says:

    I’m using your video as a reference for my scientific investigative project
    in highschool. I’d like to know what kind of battery you used for storage.

  16. Top Solar panel says:

    Take the Sunlight more Effective I Crowdfunding is a
    Democratic way to support the fundraising

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  17. qwerty keyboard says:

    doesn’t current drop with the dc to ac converter?

    • Robert Tomkinson says:

      +qwerty keyboard: Of course. But the voltage goes up! P=V X I. There will
      be some losses, but no where near 90%(10% efficiency).

  18. Eduardo Silva says:

    Is it possible to give 8 volts at least in a cloudy day?

    • LDSreliance says:

      You will get 12v on a cloudy day. The part that decreases is the current.
      If you normally get 12v and 1 amp on a bright, sunny day you will get
      something like 12v and 0.1 amps on a cloudy day. Maybe even less than that.

  19. Vinay E V says:

    Excellent video… made my life easy

  20. Gerald Foushee says:

    thanks for the video..I have met several people from Africa and was
    thinking about how to help them get some of the most basic things…like
    clean water..I have used solar light bulbs but it’s so Kool to see HOW to
    make something. ..teach a man to fish. ..great video…more…more…more

    • LDSreliance says:

      +Gerald Foushee
      Sounds fun! Good luck and let me know how I can help!

    • Gerald Foushee says:

      +LDSreliance I was a vendor in NC at Floyd fest…and Leaf. ..they had
      Internet. ..and powered 3 music stages all on solar…guy had a horse
      trailer full of boat batteries and the panels on top…it was here that I
      purchased my light bulb…now I am in the UAE and often go out to the
      desert. I said I love the idea of teching people what is possible.

    • LDSreliance says:

      Thanks! I appreciate the support. I have helped several people who are
      volunteering in Africa and other places to bring technology to them that
      will give them a little electricity. Hopefully the price of solar continues
      to go down and it becomes affordable for these people to better their lives.

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