5 Healthy & Delicious Recipes!

Nine Reasons to Use Coconut Oil Daily and 3 of These Are Shocking! Click here to learn more.

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38 Responses

  1. TheBouncingIceCreamSundae 05 says:

    +Makeup Addiction😊

  2. Makeup Addiction says:

    +TheBouncingIceCreamSundae 05 your not the only one

  3. TheBouncingIceCreamSundae 05 says:

    I’m watching this while fasting. 😭 and I can’t take it, I’m only 10.

  4. April Van says:

    +Atanda Ntlantsana same wtf

  5. Atanda Ntlantsana says:

    I just finished a cake with buttercream

  6. Josei Hansai says:

    2:35 we eat with our eyes, i been doing it wrong

  7. Jacqueline Dazzo says:

    I am straight. But I just wanted to say that you are beautiful don’t change

  8. Emi57may says:

    I watch food vids when idk what to watch………. But yours make me
    hungry😂😂😂 ilysm😘😘😘

  9. Овсянка, Сэр says:

    The video starts at 1:36. You’re welcome.

  10. bluejay077 says:

    tip: peel the banana before putting it in the freezer!

  11. Candela de la torre says:

    Btr, omg the feels

  12. Atanda Ntlantsana says:

    The song at the beginning made me want to watch the video more

  13. Maria Magali Romero says:

    ARIANA GRANDE oh yesssss REMI YOU KNOW IT !!!!!!!!

  14. Frisk says:

    I heard BTRs 24/7 song I love it!

  15. Taniya A says:

    remi did smoothie bowls before it got famous haha

  16. jelsa with us forever says:

    you are my here for life
    Your the sun I’m the moon different work but same smile

  17. Sharon Mbayabu says:

    Hey Remi I just finished eating the Cream of wheat recipe and it was
    delicious. Thanks for making it.

  18. Galaxy Sliver-Shadow17 says:

    I love MKTO-Loved the intro song

  19. Shakila Azimi says:

    OK the bit where she says it’s amazing how it goes from a solid to a
    liquid. newsflash butter does that too

  20. craycray4lyss says:

    I wish you luck ily💘

  21. Mei Yee says:

    4:23 ; BTR – 27/4 !!! oh how much i miss big time rush asjdlflkghwnco

  22. Gurleen Sidhu says:


  23. Premanator2000 says:

    What happened to her other recipe videos?

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