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I finally filmed What I Eat In a Day video! Yay!!! Here are some of my favourite healthy and easy vegan recipes and meal ideas that I make on regular basis.

Like I mentioned in the video, I follow a plant-based diet. So all of the recipes in this video are vegan and gluten-free, but feel free to change them as you wish to accommodate your diet! 🙂

1. Hurom Slow Juicer:
2. Traditional Medicinals Mint Tea:
3. Traditional Medicinals Chamomile Tea:
4. Sunwarrior Protein Powder:
5. Dr. Ohhira's Probiotics:
6. Prairie Naturals Chlorella:
7. VitaVegan Multivitamin:
8. Mary's Organic Crackers:
9. Crazy Sexy Diet Book:
10. Fablunch Containers:
For every item purchased 10 school lunches are served to children in need.
For a better lunch. For a better tomorrow.

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Kale Salad Bowl:
Green Detox Salad:
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FTC: This is not a sponsored video. I purchased all the products myself and all opinions are my own.

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57 Responses

  1. Cici R says:

    How do you make zucchini Hummus???

    • MJ Stories says:

      +Cici R Check out our vegan recipe, if you are starting out being vegan and
      still have the desire of meat, we have the video just for you! VEGAN MEAT!

    • vegetarianyums says:

      +Cici R I love zucchini and hummus too! Come visit my channel. I’m also

    • OfftoShambala says:

      +Zap Zap I am going to try this recipe myself and have not yet reviewed her
      actual recipe… however, I wouldn’t worry about how much of these to use
      (I am a seasoned cook)… if you are making this recipe, try 1 tbsp of
      cumin (it’s high in iron which is always good btw) and max 1 tsp of
      himalayan (pink) sea salt (stay away from white processed table salt, if
      it’s white, stay away from it) and max 1 tsp of pepper, but if you like the
      dish without these things, then it’s no big deal if you don’t have the salt
      or pepper…. and if you feel like 1 tbsp of cumin is too much or not
      enough, you can easily add more or less next time you make this… I
      personally LOVE cumin and the more the better for me, it is one of those
      spices that is flavorful but not really overpowering & difficult to overdo,
      unless you just don’t like it… salt and pepper on the other hand can be
      overdone and there are problems with them… the Himalayan salt is the
      least processed (supposedly) of all the salts and does have some naturally
      occuring (as opposed to added) trace minerals & a little iodine which is
      good, but it’s still something that can be overdone and pepper, I have
      heard that there are problems with mold in pepper, so it is questionable
      and molds are something that generally should be avoided.

  2. Rapping Adam says:

    That’s so much food man. This is a very expensive day.

  3. Cuz ImJade says:

    Wow i am 13 and vegan but these are so hard to make !

  4. Natalie Johnson says:

    Hi i was just wondering where i can get some of those little pop up
    containers with lids plz x

  5. Chris G. says:

    What would you say the cost of all the ingredients used for day would be? I
    can’t imagine it being less than $40.

    • Leslie Duarte says:

      Yes, but the ingredients would also make more than just a day’s worth of
      meals (other than some of the veggies). I would recommend coupons, shopping
      in bulk, and seeing which ingredients you can grow yourself. I live in the
      city, so my only options for growing are herbs, but it is possible!

  6. QueenB says:

    Am I the only one who likes non soft bananas lol

  7. Kirsten Churchill says:

    I’ve struggled with an eating disorder for awhile now, and I’m thinking
    about going vegan. I want to do this, because I want to eat better and feel
    better physically and mentally. Here we goooooo :)

  8. Meredith Olin says:

    You waste fiber by juicing! Make a smoothie instead

    • Seulki Kim says:

      I want to raise some backyard chickens and this is a great idea!

    • Riley Peters says:

      I’m not vegan or vegetarian, but I love this lifestyle. Whenever I juice I
      give the leftovers to my chickens and it creates some good eggs!

    • Chris G. says:

      +Meredith Olin Yeah, it made me sad seeing all the fiber slough out of the
      juicer just to be discarded. That’s part of the reason those foods are
      desirable in the first place!

  9. Arielseastar says:

    MARYLAND!!! I just started a local group on facebook and I’m looking for
    others to join. Vegan MarylandSupport and local events I thought this would
    be the best way to reach people.

  10. Ben says:

    Lol im so heated thats why the world is divided into healthy and unhealthy.
    Its rich and poor.

    • pullingthetrigger says:

      No. It’s people who make bad choices and people who make good choices.
      Rice, beans, potatoes and veggies are the cheapest things you can buy…
      People just like the convenience of going to a fast food joint and getting
      their food. You don’t need to eat/cook as much as this chick does but you
      can always make smart choices, people just want to blame everything but
      themselves for their bad life decisions and the consequences they bring.

    • Mist Dragon says:

      +Mangzorz exactly loool

    • Mangzorz says:

      +Ben What? That’s crazy, produce is super cheap compared to processed foods
      and meat products, and the nutritional payoff is waaay bigger.

    • Ariella Victoria says:

      not true my friend :/ …. fruits and vegatbles grow from an abundance from
      the earth… you don’t need much money, except for land. or go to a country
      where it’s more abundance naturally

  11. Farah Khan says:

    which spice did she use in lemon water

  12. Gregory May says:

    Loved your video, you are so cute!

  13. Xime18 says:

    what ingredients are for the lemon water i know it is lemon water but what
    was the other ingredient

  14. Taurus Vibes says:

    I love bananas too! Ever since I got braces And It was painful, so bananas
    were what I always ate because they were soft and they are yummy

  15. Igabella says:

    It would be impossible to do this… The amount of dishes! I don’t have a

  16. Lea von Zahn says:

    I’m fifteen and getting more and more into the vegan/raw vegan lifestyle
    because I just feel like it’s such a positive and healthy way of living.
    Since I started changing my died, I have so much better skin, I don’t feel
    so bloated anymore, I’m a lot happier and feeling the best I ever have!

  17. Lotta Sillaots says:

    I wish i could be vegan but i dont think my dad and mum would like it cuzz
    im 12 =(

  18. Ra Gray says:

    I know she gotta pay like 3 to 400 a month for all that.

  19. Kaitlin S says:

    I am wondering why do you juice your vegetables instead of using a blender?
    Isn’t it better to keep the fiber? I’m not criticizing you, I know maybe
    you just like it that way.

    • Kaitlin S says:

      I blend whole fruits and vegetables all the time and it’s not chunky if you
      do it right 😉 it’s really good actually

    • Tiffany says:

      I know you didn’t ask me…but when you blend it, it’s very chunky, and
      unappetizing to try and swallow..and like she said when she ate things in
      the morning she felt heavy, if it’s chunky you’re basically eating it..

  20. The Gaming Turtles says:

    Hey guys can you help I want to be vegan to be kind to nature and some
    personal reasons but my dad will not let me! He makes me eat meat and say
    that will die if I do not get enough iron in my body. My diet right now is
    4 scrambled eggs for breakfast lemon water and lunch at school just take
    out the meat then for supper my dad makes me eat meat and I don’t know what
    to do I try telling him the benefits of being a vegan but he doesn’t listen

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