How to kill yeast infection naturally

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29 Responses

  1. Diane Green says:

    I feel like my Father Yawh lead me right too you thank you sis

  2. Just_ Joyy says:

    I’m glad I watched this because I had no idea sugars contributed to ongoing
    yeast infections!! Great information !!!

  3. Jen Hart says:

    Time to stop eating sugar. :/

  4. Stephanie Wilson says:

    What if you had a gastric bypass surgery?

  5. gonatural11 says:

    Using a cup of apple cider vinegar & around 4 drops of tea tree oil in a
    shallow bath for about 15-20 mins helps as well.

  6. April Aquarisces says:

    doesn’t UNFLAVORED yogurt help? I’ve used the unflavored kind before.

  7. lashaa Wiley says:

    Omgggg I love you…im following you to the end of time…Had a situation
    with a condom and the latex really messed me up…I thought it was a yeast
    but I want to kill anything growing, just in case…Thank you Lord for
    sending this beautiful spirit my way….now how long do I wear this…and
    only at bedtime right???

  8. Jay Shot says:

    What can men use to relieve jock itch?

  9. faheemthedream2007 says:

    will this work on the scalp?

  10. Andrei yuan Faustino says:

    is it the olive oil that we can buy in the supermarkets?

  11. UM Y says:

    how many times should you use this in a day or how long should we use it?

  12. David Nikulka says:

    What herb or spice would chase away the Draconian Reptiles and their GREYS.

  13. Blue Rose 1976 says:

    I normally I don’t share stuff like this but, this stuff works!!!! I had
    one about 3 months ago and I mean it came so fast I couldn’t wait for my
    doctors first available appointment. So I looked for nature cures and found
    this video it was safe enough so I tried it. I cut out all the Wendy’s
    chocolate frosts (sugar) and burgers (yeast from bread), donuts, breakfast
    croissant sandwiches, hot dog buns that caused over growth of yeast. I over
    did it I know now by not eating my daily yogurt and eating a balanced
    nutritious meal and most importantly drinking water. So long story short
    this remedy really worked so thank you so much for the video. GOD bless you
    for sharing GOD’s natural remedies he made for us to use on this beautiful
    green earth. 99.9% of the medicine doctors subscribe to me have to many
    side effects and I’m scared to take them, like who wants to take medicine
    that might or will give you cancer if you continuously take it as a side
    effect as a cure, the medicine is worst than it’s cure. 

  14. Doctor Feline says:

    YOU DON’T😨 USE Sweetened yogurt… you use 1/2 c natural unsweetened
    yogurt mixed with1 tbsp Udoh’s live probiotic cultures place as a pack
    ON… NOT UP the vaginal area & sit for 15 to 20 min. while in the bath
    tub. it’s to help balance the pH level by neutralizing it and it helps
    eliminate the bad smell.

    2ndly that is a beauty regimen used to help balance the vaginal area IT IS
    NOT intended to treat yeast!

  15. Jenn Roberts says:

    Thanks fo sharing that

  16. MillieM says:

    Thank you soooo much!

  17. Princess M. says:

    thank you so much

  18. Tilted Halo says:

    Hi there ! Thank you for this video ! My system is SHOT from chemo and I
    have a CONSTANT yeast infection. I’m TOO acidic! I need to be alkaline .

  19. Shalaisjah Cason says:

    Great tutorial! This is my first infection and it’s been freaking me out
    and I’m 16 How long does this take to work? :)

  20. Robert Whitley says:

    Thanks Mama Rosa, for your yeast infection, information. It was very
    helpful alot. ❤ Rob your new friend and subscriber.

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